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Byline Supply Co. started in December 2013 in Sacramento CA. It was created out of the desire to make a push for the return to American manufacturing, through handmade quality pieces that would stand the test of time. It started with my grandpa on my mothers side, who passed before I was born. He always worked with his hands, and after he passed left some of his stuff behind which was contained in a box my grandmother kept. Always looking at these items as a child, and being from a family of people who was always making something, I felt joyfully obligated to carry on the tradition of makers, craftsmen, and overall work from a blue collar spirit. A what you see is what you get attitude, who keeps the the working man or woman in mind when crafting pieces.


Why Byline?

 I grew up skateboarding, drawing, building skate ramps, etc. My father and mother both taught me the importance of manual labor, even though as a young teen I hated it. Eventually in my late teens it clicked, that this sort of work was worth it, and held a dear place in my heart. My family is fully of people who didn’t instantly go to someone else to fix something or make something. They put in the time to figure out how to do it. I’ve grown up listening to punk music, and couple that with a blue collar spirit, thats what lead to the creation of BSC.


Why Made in America?

Made in America means a lot more than simply assembled in America. I would go so far as to say its more than even using American made materials. American made IS those things, and we take pride in the fact that we make everything by hand using American made materials but its more than that. It’s not just a catchy slogan to us to get people to buy BSC goods. Its about taking back the livelihoods of the people who live here, reminding them why they should give a damn about not only what they buy, but about what they do as well. We want the way that people look at life to change. That they are building a legacy whether they like it or not. Our goods are not only high quality products that will outlast their owners, but a simple reminder of hard work paying off, and their own legacy can be one worth remembering.


Style Inspirations

 As far as my style inspirations, I don’t even know where to start. I take a lot from music, and working class people. I like to craft pieces that are functional, yet have a sense of style. This way the whole experience of purchasing our pieces is a reminder of the legacy people are crafting. As far as people or things that influence our style? Thats hard to say. If I had to narrow it down to a few people that influence what we do, I would say the following people have an influence on the brand and our style: Johnny Cash, Clint Wilkinson, Al Stohlman, Pabst Blue Ribbon, My mom and dad, LP Streifel, and Waylon Jennings. Always Waylon.


Our Customers

A BSC customer is an average dude, working an average job, who simply cares about quality. Plain and simple. He’s not complex, likes minimal things because they are minimal, not because its fashionable. Simple, hard working, sees that life isn’t about how much, but rather the quality.


Our Favorites

 My favorite piece to create has to be the Eastwood wallet. Its functional, simple, and a damn fun piece to make.


What's Next

We have a whole lot of stuff in the works. Introducing some waxed canvas pieces to our upcoming Spring release, which is slated to go live around the end of April. You’ll be seeing some new materials, and bigger things than just wallets and small carry goods.


Favorite American Heritage brands

Carhartt, Redwing, Pointer Brand. All 3 of these brands are cliche for us to name, but they have proven themselves for many many years.


On Moving

The move from LA to Portland has been amazing. We love our friends in LA, but being from Northern California, Portland is a much better fit. Great scenery, great people, great beer, and all around amazing place with plenty of inspiration.


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March 25, 2015 by Joseph Cimino
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